Download Page for PC computers

Version 6p6p2


This page is the link to downloading the PC version of Caver Quest Since this is one of the first fan-outs to other NSS cavers outside of our team members, please report any special issues, questions and comments to the developer.

Download PC version



To install the program on a PC:
1. Download the "" file to your computer; by default, it will probably go to your “Download” folder, but you could “Save As” to put it somewhere else (e.g. your “My Documents” folder).
2. Double-click on the file.
3. Double-click on the CQ6p6p2_PC.exe file.
4. Click on “Extract All” and then “Extract”.
5. If you double click on “CQ6p6p2_PC.exe”, you will start the program. If you hold down the “Alt” key and drag “CQ6p6p2_PC.exe” to your desktop, you will put a Shortcut for the program there. (Be sure to hold down “Alt”.)
6. After installation, you may delete the file if you wish.

If you have issues, you might take a look at this pdf file. Free

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