Download Page for Linux computers

Version 6p6p0 (Not yet optimized for Linux)


This page is the link to downloading the Linux version of Caver Quest. Since the Ver 6.3.3 and also this Ver 6.3.4 may be having issues with a new Unity compiler, please report any special issues, questions and comments to the developer.

Download Linux version 6p4p1

Download Linux version 6p3p4

Download Linux version 6p2p2


We will be releasing a new Linux version soon. Please write to the developer if you can help us on the beta testing of the Linux installation.

If have issues with these versions listed to the left, please check HERE for more information.

Linux Specific Instructions will go here if there are any issues with this latest version. If you care to send some screen shots & helpful comments it could help find the Avatar in the future. (Sylvie or Hank or Brian or Kenneth ?) Free

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