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The name of the book comes from the distance explorers walk, climb and crawl from the entrance of the cave to the far reaches of Snowy River on the southern end. The small thumbnail photos show some of the neat areas.


Take a look at ICS Exploration Award page and related information from the ICS & NSS meetings and other articles!


Cave study volunteer honored by BLM National Award

Copy of Zine May 14, 2013 article.

Cave radio team (L-R: R. Harris, J. Lyles, Jim Cox & B. Kendrick). The beacon antenna is on the cave floor behind the group.


On the day before the award presentation, Jim Cox was part of the in-cave radio beacon team (see photo on left) supported by this surface team of volunteers. Some of the surface gear may be seen in the truck on the left. Bob and Deb Buecher (standing on the right) constructed the specialized equipment that provided enhanced survey precision seven miles from the cave entrance. Following the April-May 2013 FSCSP expedition, the length of the cave was 23.8 miles, making it 21st on the list of the Longest Caves in the US!

Ruidoso News: Cave study project receives conservation award

Ruidoso Free Press, or scanned


Fort Stanton Cave Project Receives National Conservation Leadership Award from the CLF (Conservation Lands Foundation)


Fort Stanton Cave Project Receives Lincoln County Award: 10th Anniversary of the Snowy River Discovery

FSCSP Scientist Receives 2011 National Speleological Society Science Award

Shown here in Snowy River measuring survey distances with a laser rangefinder, John McLean is best known for his many years of geophysical measurements including gravity and resistivity surveys. These measurements have allowed discovery of new cave passages before actual exploration underground.

FSCSP Receives Assistance Agreement as a Challenge Cost Share program. This article mentions that FSCSP volunteer hours and work sometimes adds up to more than 12,000 hours annually. It also mentions networking with the Government Services Division of the State of New Mexico towards a "green" improvement to the Bunkhouse which the FSCSP Project, with other users including the BLM, use during the year. The improvement in energy efficiency will pay back the cost of the work.

Cavers Wayne Walker and Pete Lindsley ready for continued exploration and survey. Lynda Sanchez speaks with Marty Dallman, project director for Government Services..

Ruidoso News "Cavers' patience rewarded"

FSCSP Assists BLM in Receiving State of New Mexico Bunkhouse Rennovation. The article mentions both the Cost Share Assistance Agreement with the BLM and the Bunkhouse rennovations. It mentions in detail some of the scientific research performed by the volunteer FSCSP group.
Our Director of Public Relations Liaison , Lynda Sánchez, has written many articles about the Fort Stanton Cave Study Project for various publications. The example on the right appeared in the LINKS Newsletter of the New Mexico Association of Museums. The Fort Stanton Museum, located on the Quadrangle at the Fort, has a "cave room" dedicated to the surrounding BLM Fort Stanton - Snowy River Cave National Conservation Area (NCA). The display in this room was prepared by the Roswell Field Office of the BLM with assistance from local photographer David Tremblay and members of the FSCSP team.


In addition, FSCSP team members, who were also members of the Southwestern Region (SWR) of the National Speleological Society, acted as key organizers in restoring the 2nd floor balcony railings on one of the buildings on the Fort Stanton Quadrangle. This Restoration Project was completed in March, 2012, just in time for the 50th Anniversary of the New Mexico SWR cavers. "From Cavers to Carpenters..." demonstrated the wide variety of talents offered by cavers in New Mexico.


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