Photos from the Fort Stanton Cave Study Project

This section features selected photographs from members of the FSCSP team. The choices below offer two methods of presenting these photographs: standard "HTML" pages that almost everyone will be able to view, and Adobe Flash which may require that you download some additional (free) software in order to view the photos. We plan to release additional photographs, and currently in work is a selection from the historic part of the cave. We are also working on a new technique of using "wallpaper" photos taken in the cave and applied to a computer simulated trip through the cave called "Caver Quest". A side result of the Caver Quest activity is the occasional generation (via an older technology) of panorama pictures displayed as a 360 degree azimuth presentation.

Check this out! Panorama of the Discovery Point of the Snowy River Passage


Pages using Flash allow you to click on a slide show button and automatically run through a whole series of photos. To view the Snowy River Slide Show please click on the banner image to the right. Once the slide show starts, use your mouse button to click to the right side or the left side of the screen to move forwards and backwards. Click on the same banner image at the top of the slide show to return to this Photo page.





If you have problems with the Adobe Flash slide show above, or with the installation of Adobe Flash, this HTML version of the same photographs can be used.

Pages using the more standard html format will show an index of thumbnails. You can look at enlarged photos by clicking on a thumbnail to show the photo. Click on the image on the right to see the same slide show as above in the HTML format. Note: to return to this Photo page click on the second title line on the index page on "HERE".

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