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What is the Fort Stanton Cave Study Project?

The Fort Stanton Cave Study Project is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Your contribution is tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. No goods or services are provided in exchange for your financial donation.
Your financial contribution is important to us and will benefit both our teams working in the Bureau of Land Management Fort Stanton Cave – Snowy River National Conservation Area (NCA) as well as future generations of cave scientists.
Many of our team members are able to donate 100's of hours of their time during the year in support of our caving and surface reconnaissance activities. They carefully plan their vacation time to coincide with our expedition dates.
A few others are retired and are able to donate thousands of hours towards the detail planning, report writing and long range goal setting activities. We have been able to publish an Annual Report, full of color photographs, for both 2011 and now 2012. We have published a special calendar for the years of 2014-2016, and a few are available for team members and our contributors at an economical price.
Others, who often are not even active cavers, have become enthused with the broad range of activities we enjoy - both above and below ground. They enjoy supporting the FSCSP team, and realize that their financial contributions are heavily leveraged because the FSCSP has no paid officers or employees.
During 2012 our teams have been successful in extending hydrological  surveys, mapping and other science oriented projects in Snowy River, to the point that Fort Stanton Cave is now the third longest cave in New Mexico, and ranks among the 20 longest caves in the United States! During 2014 our teams added new surveys that boosted the total amount to 50+ kilometers (31 miles). Snowy River started flowing at Turtle Junction in September 2014. In 2015-2017 we significantly improved our maps in the historic areas of the cave. Snowy River flow at Turtle Junction stopped on August 8, 2017.
Our organization feels very strongly about the future preservation of the unique Snowy River and general cave resources, and will continue to work closely with multiple scientists and their students as our volunteers continue to break new ground. This is very exciting indeed and we look forward to even more discoveries in 2017-2018 (once the Snowy River crystal surface hardens).


If you would like to join others that have provided financial assistance,
please consider making a tax deductible donation to the FSCSP. By providing your address we can send you a donation letter following the end of the year or on request.
Mail:  FSCSP Treasurer
        1 Whispering Winds Trail
        Placitas, NM 87043

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Currently there are several ways you can designate funds

- General Fund This is our general operating fund. Large amounts spent from this fund (as well as the other funds listed below) must have approval from the Board of Directors. Examples of past expenditures include a wireless printer and a digital computer projector.
- Research Support Fund The Research Support and Education Fund will be used on an occasional basis to provide support for students working in the area of caves and karst studies. The FSCSP currently works closely with scientists and their students from the University of New Mexico and New Mexico Tech.
- Utility Shaft Fund The Utility Shaft Fund will be used to study and plan for a future small "utility shaft" connecting the surface to a point in the cave near the Snowy River Passage. It could be used for data linking to sensors in the cave below as well as communications.
- Book Fund The Book Fund, established in 2015, supported the design and editing of a book that was published in June 2017. "12 Miles" is the story of 150 years of exploration in this unique cave. Check out the result of this project HERE. And a BIG THANKS to all our donors that contributed to this fund - you should be proud to have helped produce what is one of the best "Cave Books" published in the US.
- Designated Item Fund Review our "Wish List" below to view some of the items that we can't currently afford from amounts in the General Fund. Several of the items on the list have already been funded when donors designated their donations.


1. Your Special Project  

If you have a special request for a project, you can specify the Project. An example might be the low cost design and development and prototype fabrication of an Airflow Direction Data Logger for future airflow studies of potential dig sites.

2. Underground Cave Radio Work
The FSCSP currently uses privately owned cave radios and would like to purchase / build our own sets so that they would be more local to the cave. We use one pair of units for communications, and another pair of units for precision survey beacon locations. We also use another set of instruments for surface resistivity work, which can help us locate underground voids. Digital communication radios would give us 2-way text messaging capability. Cost estimated $1K-6K depending on batteries and radios built. John Lyles presented a paper at the 2013 NSS Convention on this new technology.
3. Software Upgrades
Fund for specialized software: (on an as need basis, and could be a growing kind of fund, but available when needed) Improved 3-D Resistivity analysis software is ~$4.5K. Currently we are able to procure certain software packages at educational or non-profit prices.
4. Storage Boxes   Archival storage boxes: non acidic, varying sizes, for slides, documents, photos. $500-1000 (@$25-30 per box so a person could purchase or donate for so many boxes. Check out the Gaylord Archival Supplies Catalog)
5. Production of a Fort Stanton Cave DVD  

Funding to create a ten to fifteen minute DVD. This would be used for schools, public outreach and PR purposes $5-10 K ( based on expenditures for development of similar DVD’s)
(This is similar to what Joe Arcure created for Fort Stanton history, currently on sale at the Fort Stanton Museum, and supports their non-profit activities.)

6. Waterproof transport boxes   Funding for purchase of Pelican waterproof transport boxes. Range from $100-800 dollars.
FSCSP Wish List for Special Projects
7. Funding for additional folding chairs
Donation Goal Complete
After the HQ Building was renovated by the State of New Mexico in mid 2012, a request for donations for additional chairs was made. ($18. each).
8. Cell phone booster
Donation Goal Complete
New metal walls on the HQ Building reduced reception to an unacceptable amount. Funding was required to purchase $310 of new cell phone booster hardware, and installation was completed in April, 2013.
9. FSCSP Quality Color Brochure
Donation Goal Complete

Funding to help publish quality color brochure for FSCSP.
(Design is completed and we even won an HM in the 2013 NSS Salon.)

10. Photo Equipment Upgrade
Donation Goal Complete

This special funding supported the design and fabrication of a pair of unique LED Photo Lights, suitable for improved photography illumination deep within the cave. These rugged lights are much smaller and more reliable than "standard" strobes.

11. Design Update for Mini-LIDAR
Donation Goal Complete
During the past 2-4 years we have been testing several prototype LIDAR units suitable for 3D surveying in Fort Stanton Cave. This donation is funding the fabrication of TWO 3rd generation designs which are being used by teams focusing on 3D meshes suitable for incorporation with the CaverQuest program.
12. Computer for Public installation of CaverQuest
Donation Goal Complete
This was a cost-sharing installation of a special kiosk featuring the CaverQuest simulation. The first location is the U. S. Forest Service Smokey Bear District Office in Ruidoso, NM. A similar CaverQuest application can be downloaded from this website.


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